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Bike on foreshore in Hervey Bay

Bikes and Conditions

Whilst bike riding in Hervey Bay is quite easy, care must be taken at all times to ensure your safety.

Hervey Bay bikes for hire

Below are the conditions of hire and you will need to agree to these to ride one of our bikes.

1. Bicycles/scooters returned with damage are subject to a repair fee of $20 plus the cost of repairs needed to return the bicycle/scooter to its condition at the time of hire. Rypac Pty Ltd retains the right to debit the Credit Card detailed below for these fees.

2. The hirer of the bicycle/scooter agrees to return the bicycle/scooter and associated equipment under all circumstances, and acknowledges that Rypac Pty Ltd does not provide a rescue service. If the bicycle/scooter or equipment is lost, stolen or not returned, the full value of the bike and equipment not returned will be debited to the credit card below.

3. The bicycle/scooter/scooter must be securely locked by the hirer when not being ridden.

4. A helmet must be worn when riding the bicycle/scooter, as required by Queensland law.

5. The person hiring the bicycle/scooter understands and accept that riding a bicycle/scooter can be hazardous and involves risks that may be injurious or fatal.

6. Cycle path etiquette and road safety rules must be followed at all times. Bicycle/scooter must only be ridden in daylight hours.

7. Rypac Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse to hire a bicycle/scooter to any person at its absolute discretion.

8. The hirer/s of the bicycle/scooter/s agrees that Rypac Pty Ltd, its employees and agents are released from and indemnified against any claim for injury, loss or damage to the hirer/s, or to any other person or property, which are in anyway connected to the use/hiring of the bicycle/scooter. The hirers agree to waive their right to present any legal claim or lawsuit against Rypac Pty Ltd and it's directors/employees/agents regardless of how any damage, injury or death may have occurred, through negligence or any other manner considered through legal claim. Hirer/s also agree that this contract shall be binding for themselves, their heirs, assigns, executors and personal representatives and administrators of their estate.

9. A person under 18 years of age may only hire a bicycle/scooter with the written consent of a parent, guardian or supervisor. Written consent is deemed to be given by the signing of this form.

10. Hirer/s will ensure any rider of a smaller scooter is 12 years of age or over and larger scooter 14 plus years of age or over.

11. If you leave personal property with us you do so at your own risk.

12. Use of bicycle/scooter/s on the beach or sand is prohibited. A cleaning fee of $20 per bicycle/scooter will apply if used on beach/sand.

13. Scooters must be kept dry at all times and not ridden in the rain or wet conditions.